Stage 1

PPDT is part of stage 1

This comprises of the OIR test, story writing followed by narration and then GD. for those of you who have seen the complete schedule of five days, you will notice that you write stories in TAT and have GD in the GTO series. so please study and let me know the differences in these two.

after the oir tests a picture is shown and there after you write the story which should incl

  • No of characters seen, their age, gender, mood. give out the theme
  • what is happening
  • what led to the situation
  • what will happen in future

There after the candidates are divided into groups of say 15 and made to sit in a different room. each candidate is required to narrate his story. please speak what you have written. in case you want to add any extra point you must take permission. there after you may be subdivided and a GD takes place to come to a common theme of the picture shown.

You will be assessed for the following

  • OIR
  • story writing and naration
  • GD

the stage 1 has its own importance. once you clear this then only you can attempt the 5 day ssb. one must really prepare for this. at the same time i will say this is not at all difficult.

therefore prepare well. what is the aim? effects whom most? send your answer

to summarise, stage 1  comprises of the following

  • briefing by psych. OIR test. this. one must practise hard.good performance is essential.use books/internet to get sets and practise. can you tell me the importance of doing well in ths test?
  • picture perception and story writing. write no of people,age,sex,mood. activity, what led to it and the out come. write the story. be original and give your idea of the picture.
  • briefed by GTO. then divided into gps of 15-20. individual narration in a minute. may be subdivided and then discussion
  • assessed by IO,GTO and PSYCH. only interference by GTO if required

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