FACTOR 1   Planning And Organising

Effective Intelligence.  Application In Day To Day Problems .

Reasoning Ability.  Person Who Analyses An Issues Threadbare   Will Invariably Possess A Good Grasp And Can Evolve Alternatives.

Organizing Ability.  Ability To Arrange/Organise Events.

Power Of Expression. Convey Ideas With Absolute Clarity And Ease In The Minimum Possible Words.   Also Implies Clarity Of Thought.

FACTOR 2 Social Adjustment

Social Adaptability.   Ability To Adjust & Be Able To Work With Juniors, Seniors  & Peers

Cooperation.   Extend Assistance For Group Task.

Sense Of Responsibility.   Self Discipline, To Do Things Without Instruction

FACTOR 3  Social Effectiveness

Initiative.   Start An Action In Correct Direction And  Sustain The Momentum.

Self Confidence. Belief In Oneself To Achieve A Goal.

Speed Of Decision.  Correctness And Speed Are Important.

Ability To Influence The Group.  First And Foremost  Need To Be A Team Member.  Genuine Desire  To Convince The Group.  Involvement In The Group Aim .

Liveliness.    Retain  Cheer Under Stress.

FACTOR 4 Dynamic

Determination.   Drive And Hard Work

Courage.   People Who Are Prepared To Take Sensible & Calculated Risks. Moral Courage.

Stamina.   Physical And Mental Stamina

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