Group tasks






  • Basic Series
  • Group Discussion. A Discussion In Informal Environment.
    • Group Planning Exercise. A Situational Problems With Selection Of Possible Solutions.
    • Progressive Group Task. Four Set Of Obstacles With Increasing Difficulty.
    • Group Obstacle Race. Set Of Six Obstacles, Compete With Other Groups. Carry load.
  • Confirmatory Series
  • Half Group Task. Only One Obstacle, 3-4 Candidates, In 15 Minutes.
  • Lecturette. 3 Minute  Talk On Subject Chosen By The Candidate.
  • Individual Obstacles. Ten Obsts Not Arranged  Serially, Three Minutes.
  • Command Task. One Obstacle, Nominated As Commander, Allowed Choosing Team, 15 Minutes.
  • Final Series
    • Final Group Task. One Obstacle, Difficult And Frustrating,40 Minutes

What are GTO Tasks in SSB

During 5 day process of Service Selection Board SSB interview on day 3 and 4, nine GTO Tasks in SSB are conducted as test to check the candidate’s performance as an individual and as a team player. These nine tasks are

  1. Group Discussion (GD)
  2. GPE or MPE group/military planning exercise:-
  3. Progressive group task (PGT)
  4. Snake race
  5. Lecturette
  6. Half group task(HGT)
  7. Individual obstacles
  8. Command task
  9. Final Group Task (FGT)

GTO Tasks in SSB: Group Discussion (GD)

Group tasks are conducted under the supervision of Group Testing Officer (GTO), the first task among these tasks is Group Discussion (GD), in this the group is provided with ssb gd topics and they candidates have to undergo in an informal friendly discussion based on the ssb gd topics.

Unlike the group discussion on first day under screening test here candidates don’t need to come on a common conclusion, based on the candidate’s personal thoughts about given ssb gd topics he/she is free to present disagreement till the end of discussion. Here candidates in the group are free to present their views either formally or informally. The most important thing that is noticed by GTO that every candidates are taking part in discussion actively and commenting something that is related with given ssb gd topics.

Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in SSB: Group Discussion (GD)

  • Be an active listener in social network, it helps in gathering information.
  • Should have basic knowledge of current event happening around; use social networking sites to see trending news.
  • Be an active communicator it’s all about listening, speaking at the appropriate time, using easy-to-understand English and expressing ideas in the group in as simple manner as possible.
  • Respect other candidate’s views on sb gd topics and analyze accordingly to reply.
  • Not having knowledge on ssb gd topics is not a big issue, candidate who doesn’t have any information may not be able start the discussion but this doesn’t mean his/her participation is over, all he/she needs to is listen what others are talking catch the keywords and present a general idea on those keyword.
  • To practice on ssb gd topics non verbally, a candidate can write essay on those topics, this will help in making a memory of these ssb gd topics and perform well when facing in reality.

GTO Tasks in SSB: Progressive Group Task PGT

PGT is about set of obstacles in ground in a specified area in that team members should cross each obstacle defined by set of rules. To cross those obstacles, some helping materials are given by the G.T.O. i.e. Balli (wooden log), Plank, and rope to tie these. The difficulty of the task increases from one obstacle to another in a progressive manner. So it is named as Progressive Group Task.

Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in SSB: Progressive Group Task PGT

  • Run to the start line where the helping materials are placed as soon as the GTO says that you may start. Don’t walk like a snail show some sense of urgency.
  • When you’ll run it’ll be an advantage for you only because then you’ll be able to catch hold of any of the helping material.
  • You must take the plank or balli or the rope in your hand and start the work immediately.
  • Please do not take the load and try to get your possession on the helping materials because then only you’ll be able to start the work.
  • While you are making your bridge you must ask other group members to help you and not try to do it on your own.
  • If someone else has taken the lead and started making the bridge then you must support them by your ideas and your physical help.
  • Do not stand and watch the other members doing it, you have to be involved and look involved.
  • Volunteer to cross the bridge first and encourage others to cross it as well. If anybody is hesitating then you must motivate them and help them in crossing.
  • While working and encouraging others you must be loud enough because your voice must reach the GTO at least and he’ll think that you are involved.
  • You must look working the entire time try not to remain idle for a single second.
  • When the GTO is giving the directions he might ask you that okay now I’ll tell you the rules for PGT, does anybody knows the rule? Then please do not act over smart and say ‘Yes’, because this is the first Outdoor task you are blank on the rules as of now.
  • Do not ask the GTO silly questions like how much distance is 3-4 feet, at your age you are expected to have that much sense of
  • The GTO will even ask your group that how much time you’ll need to complete the task, do not say 30 minute or 35 minute, tell 1 hour he’ll bargain for 40-45 minute.
  • Do not shout on your team members and do not throw the helping material etc.
  • Do not break the rules and if you are breaking any you have infinite chance to correct it, there is no penalty hence if you happen to break a rule then you must repeat the task again. Honesty is what is expected from you.
  • Wait till all the members have crossed.
  • Do not look at the GTO all the time.
  • DO not give up easily, keep on motivating your team members and encouraging them to perform.

GTO Tasks in SSB: Snake Race

Snake Race or mostly known as Group Obstacle Race (GOR) is one of the very exciting and thrilling part in group test, its interesting because it looks like fighting a war with others . All the groups have to compete in a race through a series of six obstacle while carrying a rolled up tent which looks sort of a snake. Maximum of four groups take part in it at a time. The four teams are assigned one channel each. This is a high tempo task and the candidates will be thoroughly excited before this task.

Tips to prepare or rules to follow for GTO Tasks in SSB: Snake Race

  • Once the snake or the Load is picked up at start line it can’t be kept down till the finish line is reached. The snake is not to be shortened or folded in any respect.
  • While running the snake must be kept parallel to the ground.
  • All candidates should be holding the snake when running from one obstacle to another and while crossing the obstacle, at least three candidates should hold the snake.
  • Even if you cross the obstacle first, wait for the others to do so and then only proceed to the other obstacle.
  • Some portions of the obstacle will be in red color, you are NOT supposed to touch them. In case any rule is violated, the GTO will impose certain penalties.

GTO Tasks in SSB: Lecturette

Lecturette is one of the tests conducted during SSB interview to judge the personality of the candidates. We can say Lecturette is a small speech or a small talk given by candidate, Lecturette is conducted by GTO during group task. Here, to a candidate under SSB Lecturette topics one card is provided which contains 4 of the SSB Lecturette topics and out of 4 topics candidate has to talk on one topic for 3 minutes.

During Lecturette a candidate has the opportunity to impress GTO by presenting his/her good personality, GTO expectation from candidate – good expressions, better body language, fluency and confidence during the Lecturette. In this test being knowledgeable always has an upper-hand on the performance and to do so candidates must make himself/herself information savvy on current affair or events.

Tips on GTO Tasks in SSB: Lecturette

The per candidate last for three minutes and the variable that on which good scoring depends on are – good expressions, good body language, fluency, confidence, current affair knowledge etc. Below are some tips given which a candidate might find helpful for SSB Lecturette.

  • Acquire knowledge about frequently asked topics and burning issues in India and world
  • Be confident while delivering lecturette, to look confident, candidate can do crisp actions with smartness.
  • Maintain the body language while delivering lecturette, show minimum body moments including hand gestures and leg moments.
  • Be always communicative in friend circle, it helps in becoming bold and fluent.
  • Be active participant of social networking it enhances information and communication skills
  • Prepare in private use camera/mobile to record video on self while giving the lecture and then analyse pros and cons of the performance later.
  • Use accurate pronunciation and words try to articulate sentence in an impressive manner.
  • Avoid very silly mistakes of grammar like his-her, she-he, has-had these mistakes will get noticed very easily and leave a bad impression.
  • Keep in check the pause and breaks when speaking it will help in maintaining the tempo of the lecture.
  • Keep the lecture in short memory cards in mind while preparing the topic and unfold them in sequence while delivering the lecture.

GTO Tasks in SSB: Half group task (HGT)

HGT is similar to PGT, but the difference is that the group is divided into two sets. Like this the GTO will see the performance of the candidates in close. The rules are same for this like PGT.

Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in SSB: Half group task (HGT)

The aim of this task is to find the commanding capability of the candidate. The candidates are allowed to choose two members from the group. The candidate should have to cross an obstacle with the allotted men and the resources available within allotted time. As the number of candidates is reduced to half, GTO can minutely observe the leadership qualities of every candidate. Also in HGT, every candidate has a wider opportunity to show his various character traits and leadership qualities if in case he failed to do so in PGT. So you must give importance to HGT as this test will mark your leadership qualities. After the HGT, the GTO will form a clear cut assessment about every candidate and he assesses the candidates further in the following tests to confirm his earlier findings

  • Never look at the G.T.O while doing the tasks.
  • Give a good idea to the group if you don’t know any idea just helps the idea givers truthfully.
  • Never violate the rules it is the basis of G.T.O tasks, and in case if you violate the rule, just repeat the task.
  • Be an active participant in the team by giving your full cooperation.
  • Be positive in your views i.e. take consideration about other member ideas if it is finer than yours.
  • It is for you to become the leader of the Group .An avenue for leadership is opened to you and you must make use of it. Practical intelligence, dashing spirit, sociability, dominating nature and of course your personal magnetism will make you the leader.
  • Always have a gentle smile at your face throughout the GTO Tasks which shows that you are confident.
  • Be gentle and polite while behaving with other group members
  • If you have no idea of tackling the obstacle, be a faithful follower and if your group is caught in an obstacle, make use of the Golden opportunity and explain a constructive plan to negotiate the obstacle. Remember, never try to impose yourself to the group. Let the group be depended on you

GTO Tasks in SSB: Individual obstacles

Individual Obstacles is one of the tasks of the GTO series, generally conducted on the first or second day of GTO testing. As the name suggest this task is performed by each member of the group, individually.

The purpose of this test is to check ability, physical toughness, stamina level, courage, determination, acrophobia (fear of heights), it also checks how fast you can make choice and execute it. There are total 10 tasks (different in different entries) and time bound is 3 min. one can repeat the task if he is able to complete all 10 obstacles before 3 min. all obstacles are marked from 1 to 10, more task a candidate complete more his marks will be.

Types of Individual Obstacles:

  • Jumping over a slide:This is the 1 pointer task which is the simplest. You have to run on the slope of an inclined plane and jump across a line which is marked at approximately 4ft from the end of the plane.
  • Long jump:It consists jump across a 6 ft.* 3ft. drum. For male and for girls the length is slightly less.
  • High jump:It is a simple 3ft high jump. You can use free style for making the jump. There will be sand on the other side of the bar to avoid injury in case you happen to fall.
  • Zig-Zag Balance:it include walk over a zig-zag balance and completion of walk and land properly. it is not used in air force.
  • Walking a wooden log:Walking on a cylindrical log of length approximately 6ft. The pole will be 4ft above the ground level.
  • High Screen jump:candidate need to run over a slide and over a screen placed after slide.
  • Jumping platforms:You have to climb a platform of 12 ft and then take two jumps. The first jump is to the lower platform which will be at 8ft from the ground. The second one is to the ground.
  • Burma bridge:You need to walk between two ropes for a distance of 25 ft. The two ropes will be tied on poles at a height of 10 ft. This obstacle starts shaking as you begin to move so maintain your body balance. it is also most time consuming task.
  • Tarzan swing:in this candidate climb to a platform near 10-12 ft at height then taking a rope in hand he need to swing like Tarzan and to land after a mark on the land. Tarzan swing is not in air force.
  • Climbing the wall:Run up the slope of an inclined plane and climb over a wall of 8 ft. this wall is actually a wooden screen. The best way is to put your one foot on top of the wall and get yourself rolled over to the other side.
  • Jumping platforms:This can be difficult if you are scared of heights but it is easily doable. You have to climb a platform of 12 ft and then take two jumps. The first jump is to the lower platform which will be at 8ft from the ground. The second one is to the ground.
  • Jumping through a tyre:Jump through a big tyre with your feet first. The tyre is hung from a post at a height of 5 ft. There will be a small loop in the rope which can be used to hold and pull yourself up to get into the tyre. This is not in army.
  • Double Ditch:it have two ditch of 8ft.*3ft. and 4ft.*3ft. candidate need to cross the 1st ditch with the help of a rope and the second one with jump.this is not used in air force.
  • Tiger leap:You have to climb up a platform of 9ft and leap a distance of 4ft to catch a rope and get down by the rope. It is important to catch the rope at chest level so that you don’t slide down and get cuts. In air force height of tiger leap is more than that of Army. it is for 10 points in army but here it is for 8 points.
  • Commando walk:it consist walk from any side up and down from another, maintain balance. Sometimes instructions are given to shout some specific things while standing on the top platform.
  • Monkey crawl:You have to move on a wooden log of 25 ft in length hung from rope suspenders at 3 ft above the ground level. You can choose either to slide on the log or get underneath it and crawl with both your hands and feet. But since it is suspended from ropes, as soon as you climb on it the whole set up starts to swing from side to side. Not used in army.
  • Tiger leap:walk up a podium, leap and catch hold of a rope, then to climb down.
  • Rope climbing:You have to climb up a vertical rope to touch the post at a height of approximately 4 to 5 metre and then to come back. Not used in army.

GTO Tasks in SSB: Command task

The Command Task is held before the F.G.T.  The aim of this task is to find the commanding capability of the candidate.  The candidates are allowed to choose two members from the group.  The candidate should have to cross an obstacle with the allotted men and the resources available within allotted time.

In SSB Command Task, a leader can pick up a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 persons out of the group excluding himself. But normally 2 persons plus the leader will do. A plank and a balli is given to help out. The difficulty of your command task depends on your past performance, if you get a difficult command task, that says that you are going good in GTO

Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in SSB: Command task

  • Talk loud and clear while addressing your subordinates.
  • Don’t ask for help, use your brains.
  • Treat your subordinates well.
  • Make sure you lead from the front, don’t send your subordinates to test an unstable plank. Instead, you must take the risk.
  • Try to use all helping material wherever possible.

GTO Tasks in SSB: Final Group Task (FGT)

The Final Group Task (FGT) is the last task in the GTO, which is given to the candidates to be executed by the whole group. This is long and somewhat more difficult. Therefore mote timing is allotted for its planning and execution. All the rules, principles and instructions are same as that of Progressive Group Task (PGT).

Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in SSB: Final Group Task (FGT)

  • Never look at the GTO while doing the tasks.
  • Give a good idea to the group if you don’t know any idea just help the idea givers truthfully.
  • Never violate the rules it is the basic of GTO tasks, and in case if you violate the rule, just repeat the task.
  • Be an active participant in the team by giving your full cooperation.
  • Be positive in your views i.e. take consideration about other members ideas if it is finer than yours.

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