Filling PIQ

Filling of the form

Just imagine you are required to speak to a person, ask him questions and then assess him. What will you do? You will have to frame questions ? From where? PIQ form is the place which gives the assessor all the questions he needs to ask.

As a candidate you have to answer these questions. So if you know the answers to these questions you can talk confidently, correctly and with authority. So whatever you write in the PIQ form becomes crucial. The form might take 30 minutes to fill but what you are filling will be based on actual activities that you have done. For example if you write cricket is your favourite game and that you are a bowler, then be prepared to answer various questions on cricket/bowling. So think and fill up your PIQ form. Similarly details given about academics and your stated aim in life during the interview must match.

The piq is generally filled in the afternoon of the previous day. this should be a deliberate activity and candidates need to prepare as to what they have to write. This is the benchmark based on which your performance over the next five days will be assessed . A set of forms is as given below.  Pl fill in the form and fwd a copy to me .

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