Interaction on 24 Dec

It all started with viewing the video (five day SSB schedule), understanding the OLQs, PPDT and importance of filling the PIQ form. The experiences we shared, Q&A sessions, Interviews, GDs, prioritising of tasks, story writing etc would have given ample confidence to all to tackle any situation.

Probably by now most of you would have attended the SSB and i would like you all to share your experience

interaction on 21 aug

Emphasis has been on the following

Candidates must be aware of the activities of the SSB. Going through the videos and understanding each and every activity is a must. Just visit the Indian army site and go through the requisite video. also you must know about the rank structure and other details.

PIQ.  Candidates brought out that the form can be filled in 15 min.  I suggest you take more time and be deliberate in filling it up. Most of the questions asked by the IO will be based on the PIQ. You can control the interview session through this PIQ.  What ever you have been doing in the last 2-3 years must come out in the PIQ. Do not brag but all achievements must be listed. Think and then fill up your PIQ.

Stage 1. Most important. It is the gateway to the next stage. So prepare well. I have explained the importance of OIR tests. Practice well. You must do well in this test. Story writing, i have explained with an example. Practice every day. Subsequently we can plan a group discussion.

As brought out, on many occasions you will have group discussions. sometimes it may be to have a common solution and other times it may be open ended. Understand the nuances. As explained, your turn to give your point will come, and when it comes, give points relevant to the topic.

Identify your strengths and areas you need to improve (weakness). Not only for SSB but to do well in life. Make a deliberate plan to improve and this may take time. Say improving your handwriting. This can also be linked to your PIQ. These weaknesses should be brought in a positive way, as explained.

Confidence comes from the knowledge you have and also your getup. As identified you must know your subjects well, current affairs and things of your interest. Prepare accordingly

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recently i had interviewed five candidates and thereafter we got together to discuss areas where one needs to put in efforts to crack SSB. The discussion was fruitful and i thought i must list out the two most relevant points which would benefit all

the first is clearing ppdt that is stg 1. here i want candidates to understand the importance of the OIR test. so please prepare for this test and please discuss the relevance of this test with respect to the different entries.

the second point discussed was filling up PIQ form. the activities you do regularly with interest are to be filled in. these should be recent and you should have some knowledge about the activity/justify the results. you could discuss these activities on this site which would give you confidence.

besides this candidates wanted to know how they performed. a very important thing which is completely based on your understanding and introspection.