This is a launching pad for the people who
aspire to join the armed forces. This is to empower them with that extra, which will help them to crack the SSB.

 How You Can Benefit?

The quickest way to benefit is to go through the procedure, see the video https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz_IupjPrxl_Y0FHQ3B2SW9Za1k/view?usp=sharing

understand what is happening in those five days think  and ask as many questions as possible, clear all your doubts and then go there with an open mind.

One must also go through the Indian Army site shown above  which will give an insight about the Indian Army, the type of entries and  life in the army. please go through the details of a selection centre and also the five days schedule given there. you will also get other details including the interview dates.

To prepare for SSB there are a lot of sites, books and also coaching centres . Explore and study as many as you can. But remember there is no fixed solution as SSB is different from any test which generally has a fixed answer. You will think and answer based on the situation you come across and i  assure, you will generally be right. If it does not meet the expectations of your assessors, never mind, but do introspect and be rest assured you will do well. This site will help you to understand the procedure, discuss the situations and help you in introspection. you have to be sincere and honest. As you register on this site please introduce your self to me giving out main points of the PIQ through an email to anup_mukherjee2@rediffmail.com which will give me a fair idea about your self.

finally a candidate must Aim to Clear

  • stage 1
  • Fill PIQ clearly
  • Interview
  • GTO
  • Psychology
  • Conference
  • and also introspect to identify the strengths and areas to improve.

What this is NOT about?

If you are interested in ‘hot tips’ or advice on fooling the system, I would suggest you  not to waste your precious time here. I hate to sound unfriendly here.There is absolutely nothing on this website for candidates interested in the fast route to get recommended. There never will be! But if you ever give up the futile search, come back here.

I Appreciate You!
And  I’m here for you, not only as a guide while you begin your journey or continue after recommendation,  but also as a friend.

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